Monday, 24 September 2012

Time flies

Well it's been a while, once again!  We just got back from a wedding in the mountains.  The drive there and back was spectacular, all the beautiful colours of the autumnal trees.   This is the first wedding that our girl had been to and she had a fantastic time.  We all did.  I landed taking our son to bed around 9pm and Daddy and his gril continued to party and dance.

We are also right into the swing of football season.  Our girls team, are playing up an age group as they were doing so well in the other age group.  They continue to play really well this season too, lots of goals and fun and they look great with matching hair ribbons and strips.  Dave is now coaching an elite team and David is playing on our neighbours team.  Going to all those practices and games is a great challenge for us but the kids are all having fun, which is the main thing.

It was a great start to the school year for David, and little more bumpy for our girl.  Things have been slowly improving though.  We are also looking into other school, possibly, for next year.  We love our school but D. needs more of a challenge and the perfect time to do it is before I.  starts Kindergarten.

We have also been planning our holiday for later this year.  We are headed to California to Disney and Lego land as well as the Sand Diego zoo, then onto Phoenix to see our family friends.  Everyone is super excited to say the least.

Finally, got a new camera the other day. Which i absolutely love.  Looking forawrd to getting the opportunity to go to the zoo or butterfly pavillion to get some up close shots.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The big day!

Tomorrow is the big day folks, the first day of the last year of my 30's. It's not something that "freaks" me out persae, certainly not as much as it does some of my fellow school friends who will not allow any mention of the F - Word, but it is something i do think about every now and then. Where had i hoped to be at 40?  What did i think i'd be doing?  Have i achieved certain goals?  And the more immediate though i now have only one year (and a couple of hours) to accomplish them!

I have come to realise that big birthday's come and go.  I am not going to wake up as a different person tomorrow, or in a year, I'll wake up as the person I have become. I have a wonderful husband;
2 beautiful and inspirational children; our very own family dog; a home; a wonderful extended family all around the world; fantastic friends and a lifetime of opportunities ahead of us.

Who knows what i'll be thinking a year from now, i maybe a panicked wreck!  Only time will tell, but for now i am looking forward to my birthday tomorrow; spending time with my husband and kids and hopefully some friends; chatting to friends and family in the phone; opening a few gifts and eating the cake my kids have made for me.

Summer time fun

Half way through Summer already, who could believe it.  Already all the school supplies are apearing, i've had a phone call from the school about paying fees and i can feel the clock ticking on the time we have had left.

At the start of the holidays I had grand plans to visit a list of parks and local sights and had a great list of activiies (see the post below).  The lists are getting smaller now, but the heat this summer has been relentless and this has limited visiting outdoor things.  Our trip to the zoo nearly only lasted 5 minutes, it was over 100F and the kids actually asked me to go home as they had had enough.

Apart from those hot days, we have had some great trips out, we really enjoyed the new elephant exhibit in the zoo; David and I loved the new colorado history muesum; Hudson Gardens was a  lot of fun, plus we got in for free; The kids loved the buffallo bill museum and we have had lots of play dates with some great friends.

We have been loving the summer of sports too.  Wimbledon was fantastic and we have all been glued to the TV for the last two weeks watching the TDF, culminating with the final stage this morning with Mark Cavendish winning the stage and Bradley Wiggins winning the whole tour.  We were ecstatic.

And now to next week, and my personal favourite, the Olympics. I love it all and the fact that it's in London this year makes it even better.  I have lots of family and friends going to events and I am looking forward to seeing the Olympics taking place in all the wonderful sights around London and the UK.

I hope that no matter whether you are, a sports fan or not, you will tune in and watch a little bit of the Olympics spirit this summer and you are able to get out and have some family fun no matter where you are in the world.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

80 ideas for the 80 days of summer!

Well the summer holidays are here (almost) and so it's time to get planning what on earth we are going to do this summer.  yes there will be trip here and there, visit to museums/zoos and playdates, even chores to do, but many days there will be nothing.  Nothing at all.  What to do on those days?  So i have compiled a list of 80 things to do this summer, not sure how many we will do but felt it would be fun to share with everyone incase your looking for ideas too!   No matter what we do this summer my plan is to have fun!
  1. Head to the Park.
  2. Go out for a Picnic.
  3. Make Balloon animals.
  4. Research an animal/country/state/planet for the day.
  5. Painting stones.
  6. Potato painting.
  7. Dye/paint eggs.
  8. Make necklaces with beads.
  9. Bug/butterfly catching.
  10. Plant some seeds and watch them grow.
  11. Head out for a cycle.
  12. Head to the pool/ play in sprinklers.
  13. Create a book.
  14. Go camping – you can even camp in your back garden if necessary.
  15. Cook/bake - There are lots of simple recipes for kids to follow.
  16. Make paper bag puppets or sock puppets and have a puppet show.
  17. Have them write letters or cards to the grandparents.
  18. Science experiment - research online there are lots of easy ones out there.
  19. Skype or call some family members. – If you’d like to skype us let me know!
  20. Have a fashion show - get the kids dressed up and walk the run way.
  21. Have a lego day – get the kids to build a huge tower; build bridges; houses; planes; build cars and race them.
  22. Create a home movie - or get them to reenact a film or nursery rhyme they know.
  23. Have a scavenger hunt. If they can't read print out pictures of what to find or where to go.
  24. Have a tea party.
  25. Do some scrap booking.  My kids love to make pages about things.
  26. Set up a lemonade stand
  27. Look at old family photos. Dig out your baby pictures, or old pictures of your parents, siblings, wedding photos, school pictures.
  28. Head to the library – there are so many summer reading programs and story times.
  29. Head out hiking or walking. 
  30. Build a popsicle house or make some popsicle art.
  31. Fly a kite.
  32. Make sand angels – head to the beach for the day and have a picnic, make castles and sand angels.  We usually head to Standley Lake.
  33. Go fruit or berry picking.
  34.  Go and see a $1 Movie. 
  35. Have a photo shoot with your kids as the models.
  36. Make homemade play dough.
  37. Use the play dough to make animal/dinosaur/fish/plant fossils.
  38. Let the kids use those outdoor toys and make a huge fort or princess castle.
  39. Use the outdoor toys and make an obstacle course.
  40. Have a sports day – egg and spoon, three legged race, 100m dash, long jump.
  41. Learn about the phases of the moon using oreo cookies.   
  42. Go and see a free concert or movie. (thanks Laura!)
  43. Make daisy/flower necklaces.
  44. Read! – Summer reading is so important.
  45. Measure.  Let the kids have tape measure or measuring sticks and let them measure! Get them to find things of a certain length – 1 foot, 18 inches 20 cm (use different measurements)
  46. Make paper tissue flowers.
  47. Make shadow puppets.
  48. Nature walk – there’s lots of great nature areas to go to.
  49. Make paper airplanes and race them – there are lots of great books or ides on line.
  50. Hopscotch and chalk art – endless hours of fun.
  51. Water balloon fun. 
  52. Egg carton cater pillars.  Take the empty box of 12 eggs cut into two strips and then let the kids paint them so they look like cater pillars.
  53. Make your own bowling alley with a ball and some old plastic bottles
  54. Make s’mores.
  55. Board/”bored” game day.
  56. Visit the airport.  It’s a lot less stressful when you’re not actually flying!
  57. Have an 80’s/70‘s/60’s day.
  58. Visit a farmers market or a local festival.
  59. Home Spa day – my son wouldn’t appreciate this but my daughter and I would!
  60. Make slime or goop!  My son definitely appreciates this idea!
  61. Throw an ice cream sundae party. 
  62. Sand art – try these sand bottles which I have wanted to try for ages. 
  63. Make a memory box.
  64. Face painting.
  65. Make a diorama of your local area.
  66. Make your own musical instruments.
  67. Make macaroni/Pasta Jewelry.
  68. Try painting with marbles.
  69. Make an animal train for all your kids stuffies. 
  70. Try cup stacking.
  71. Make homemade ice-lollies/popsicles.
  72. Make your own pizza’s.
  73. Ride on a bus or train.
  74. Have a at home movie afternoon. Shut the curtains, dim the lights make popcorn and have a fun afternoon.
  75. Make a homemade weather station.
  76. Treasure hunt! Make a treasure map and let your kids find the treasure.
  77. Star or planet gazing.  The transit of Venus is on June 5th and 6th.
  78. The Olympic Games are this summer in London, why not have your own set of games with medals and everything.
  79. Play jug catch.  Cut open a old milk carton (1 gallon sized) for each player and throw the ball between each other.  You can individualise each a carton by painting/decoration it beforehand.
  80. Frisbee golf.  You’d be surprised how many courses there are near you.  We usually only do a couple of holes or shorten the distances, but lots of fun.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

This week the circus travelled to ....

The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

It is an organisation out on the plains that rescues carnivores that have been badly treated by humans.  A lot of these animals come from circus's or from peoples back yards.  Many years ago the owner started rescueing these animals, which include  Tigers, Lions, Bears and Wolves and brought them to Colorado so they could live out the rest of their lives in peace.  The facility has slowly been growing to accomodate visitors and has recently built a mile long raised walk way where animals can be viewed from. 

Our son has taken a real interest in the place and has learned a lot from visiting.  He has set about a plan this summer to try and raise money so he can adopt an animal for a year, so look forward to a post about a lemonade stand in the future!

Marks out of 10 - 10
Value for money - a little pricey but they are anon profit organisation and funds go towards runnign the sanctuary
Would we go again - absolutely